The Shetland Pony Building

May 11, 2021

Explore with Slobberchops & Dizzy Discovery

Sometimes it can pay off to scour around GoogleMaps looking for some old wreck of a place. Roofs with holes are always a good pick. This one was very close to another earmarked location in West Yorkshire, and so I marked it for investigation.

“They are not interesting at all unless you have some kind of bovine coprophilia fetish.”

The amount of vegetation around it told me it is probably empty, and the location is in a town center, and so it is unlikely to be a barn.

Barns are full of cow-shit and generally stink. They are not interesting at all unless you have some kind of bovine coprophilia fetish.

Once again Dizzy Discovery was with me for this one, and we both looked at the front chained gate guessing the same thing.


…’nobody had been through this gate in a long time’…


The lock was quite new and had been changed recently, with no rust to be seen.

Similarly, the front door to this uninspiring looking building was firmly locked. We walked through all the brush reaching the canal bank in less than a minute. From here it was a hop over the stone wall into a very overgrown field with a couple of Shetland ponies.
I didn’t take any shots of them as they were not particularly close; what was striking me was how did they get here?

A high-rise block of flats towered over us with several sets of people lounging around sunbathing. At least one set of them must have seen us but didn’t seem to care.

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