Religious Sites

In a word, ‘Churches’ encompasses this section. I have managed to see inside a few but my luck has not been especially great concerning this particular type of explore.


Many churches have been closed for over a year now, as they are considered places of ‘mass gatherings’. I would have expected more to have become abandoned but in most cases, they are sealed very well.


The ones I have managed to infiltrate have mostly been gutted inside or desecrated. You can be sure to see the word ‘satan’ if you look hard enough.

Visited: October 2020

St Thomas Church

…’junk that had been around for more than half a century! It was those donation envelopes often used but from 1958. No wonder they were covered in dust and crap.’…

Visited: September 2020

Middlewood Hospital Chapel

…’The old organ survived but must have been pulled down from its original location. No wonder it is in such a state, that and the bird-shit’…


Visited: August 2020

The Institute for the Deaf & Dumb

…’’What the fuck was that?’, I exclaimed to @dizzydiscovery who was looking a little tense. So someone was up there.., but it takes more than a bang to deter us.’…

Visited: July 2020

The Industrial Church

…’getting in was not too difficult though I had to be careful my ball-sack was not pierced with shards of glass. Just one of those hazardous things you need to expect once in a while’…

Visited: June 2020

St Mary’s in the Woods

…’we walked around the edges taking some snaps and looking for this ‘crypt’. Several areas were so overgrown we did not want to look, the brambles were way too thick’…

Visited: June 2020

The Church of the Ageing Master

…’I don’t give a shit about your opinions, can you please fuck off and leave me to my photography?’…