Ah.., the great British pub, or public house if you want to give it the full title. The stalwart of the male working-class where after a full shift in the factory one can visit downing eight or nine pints and then attempt to stagger home on foot.

In working-class towns on Saturdays, the pubs would be full of football fans regularly smashing them to pieces, fighting with the opposing teams’ fans, getting pissed, and then beating up the wife if their team lost.


Alas, this was a different time and better left in the past. In modern times the pubs are closing down at an alarming rate. Some get demolished, others renovated while many are simply left to rot away. They make for wonderful explores and there is often evidence left behind of the woeful financial experiences the past landlords have had to endure.


Many were built at the height of the British industrial revolution during the mid-1800s and boast a wealth of history. With some digging, one can often uncover secrets of scandals, murders, robberies, and famous drinkers of the ages.

Visited: May 2021

The Mason Arms

…’getting around in the upstairs rooms was not so easy and required you to climb over white goods that were strategically placed to get in the way’…

Visited: April 2021

Bella Sardinia

…’avoiding the overgrown thorn bushes, nettles, bits of old door, newspapers, last month’s takeaway lefts over’s and what looked like human shit we spotted the access point and crawled through.’…

Visited: April 2021


…’We made our way up to the bar and looked upon a familiar sight. If this would be your first explore, it would likely take your breath away’…


Visited: March 2021


…’getting into the bar was a bit of a squeeze, when lots of things collapse you need to navigate around them trying your best not to disturb anything.’…

Visited: October 2020

The Railway Hotel

…’stretching your leg downwards and hoping no one has recently pissed on the slippery ceramic toilet edge is what you call optimism.’…


Visited: October 2020


…’a fat bloke was arsing around the near entrance and so we had to wait him out. Was he expecting a festering kebab to come sailing through the window or something?’…

Visited: October 2020

Shanghai Palace

…’Shanghai Palace in better days, one can hope the kitchen did not smell so er… flavoursome then’…

Visited: October 2020

The Crescent

…’we climbed the dodgy stairs still wondering where the bar was, only to find a lovely toilet where someone had miss-aimed badly.’…

Visited: October 2020

The Three Arrows

…’the footage on their CCTV would have been quite overbearing to view, or great depending on your personal pornographic tastes and opinion of BBW’s’…

Visited: September 2020

The Bradford Arms

…’inside was a homeless bloke, middle-aged who seemed quite pleased to see us. “Come in and join me.., got any smokes?”, he said in a raspy voice’…


Visited: August 2020

The Blue Pearl

…’19th out of 23 restaurants makes it.., a visit once place with a vow never to return. You can always find clues on why it closed’…


Visited: June 2020

The Italian Restaurant

…’now if there was a stash of blow-up dolls, racks of magazines containing BBW’s or even a few odd relics from the last decade then Bella Napoli might have been interesting’…


Visited: June 2020

The Nag’s Head

…’you know.., sections of it looked almost passable for a bad looking pub. Add a couple of flesh-eaten rotting zombies drinking pints and it will look perfectly passible’…

Visited: June 2020

The Rotting Hotel

…’downstairs was the cellar, cold quiet and creepy.. but we went down there anyway. Nothing there besides a rusty safe that refused to open’…


Visited: July 2020

The Sad Story of the Wild Boar Hotel

…’if a building could portray emotion, The Wild Boar Hotel would be hysterically sobbing without any pause to breathe’..

Visited: May 2020

The New White Lion

…‘Totally dead’, ‘Really quiet’, it tells the story of what was happening at The New White Lion and £30 for a 6-hour shift? Was this the income of the pub in its last few months?’…

Visited: May 2020

The Adelphi

…’upstairs had a little more light courtesy of the natural air-conditioning system fitted. No windows works well to keep the air flowing and that lovely fresh aroma intact’…