Leisure Venues

Leisure venues, not including pubs are not as sporadic as you may think. These can include Nightclubs, Sports Centers, General Clubs, Strip Clubs, Garden Centers, Therme Parks, and Golf Clubhouses.


I wanted to separate these from the Pubs section as that one is going to get quite busy with the sheer number closing down. The Leisure industry has suffered greatly from the recent pandemic resulting in several recent visits for me.

Visited: April 2021

Return to Mystique

…’to term an analogy of the gigolo and their bedpost scratchings would be accurate. Once they are laid, you move on to the next crack. Crude, but it gets the point across’…

Visited: April 2021

Adelphi Lads Club and Ragged School

…’the deeper we dug the better it became. From complete nothing, we started to see signs of former habitation and action’…

Visited: September 2020

The Remains of Sheffield Ski Village

…’Sheffield Ski Village had to be visited. It’s a little like a cult place but don’t expect too much’…

Visited: August 2020

PineTops Health & Leasure Complex

…’there was a guard sat outside what looked like a beefeater box but he seemed to be asleep or at least dozing off; so much for the diligent security’…

Visited: August 2020

Werneth Park Music Rooms

…’As tempting as it was to hang from the edge and drop down, we both felt like living down there forever without food or water, a big ask’…

Visited: August 2020

The Hellfire Club

…’The Hellfire Club was a themed restaurant for ghoulish antics before it closed. It was said that people from all over the globe visited to breathe in a slice of history (and dress up like vampires at the same time).’…

Visited: July 2020

Flaxby Park Golf & Country Club

…’What kind of a clubhouse it this? It looked more like a load of portacabins taped together with glue. What a shit clubhouse!’…

Visited: July 2020

Mystique, The Gentleman’s Club

…’so getting upstairs to Mystique was a little more challenging, but you can’t expect the red carpet to be rolled out’…


Visited: June 2020

Highbury Cricket Club

…’there were some collapsing toilets but I don’t go for toilet photographs in even the best of places. Who wants to look at a pile of decaying 16-year-old shit?’…


Visited: May 2020

Direct Golf

…’from the viewpoint of behind the tee, you would never find your balls again now. One bounce and it will be hidden in all that long grass and weeds growing out there’…