Hospitals and Asylums

Abandoned Hospitals are large, extremely creepy and should not be done solo unless you have nerves of steel or are deaf.


I came into Urban Exploration a tad too late to fully explore any of the great ones as many been demolished. You will find this section slightly bereft of stories until I can find some to visit.

Visited: June 2020

St. Margaret’s Maternity Hospital

…’I went in St. Margaret’s Maternity Hospital with two other people who wandered off in random directions. I may as well have been soloing this one. It’s huge inside.’…

Visited: June 2020

Middleton Tuberculosis Hospital

…’Fall through the floor and be entombed forever in the concrete mess?
If this is the only access point then how do we get out with no floor and a broken leg?’…

Visited: May 2020

Manchester Royal Lunatic Asylum

…’there was a little atmosphere within ‘South House’, that I can’t quite explain it, but I did find myself stopping, looking around, and feeling I was in a very strange place.’…

Visited: May 2020

Batley Hospital

…’…’we could see endless corridor after endless corridor once in, and I noticed some areas exuberated a certain coldness in the air. It was OK one minute and then cold the next’…