Foreign Explores

My first ever explore was in Malta so I owe it for my first taste. Before lockdown and COVID I was an avid traveller and always took the chance to visit anywhere abandoned.


As we can’t travel anymore, this section is likely to not grow much in the near future.

Visited: January 2020

Janubio Salt Works (Part One)

…’I edged down to the swamp in order to take a snap of the sludgy slimy stuff. It was lovely and colourful but I wouldn’t want to take a drink’…

Visited: January 2020

Janubio Salt Works (Part Two)

…’A couple of stoutish blokes were pointing at us on a remote embankment, and one made a move to descend but promptly fell on his arse slipping partially down while his mate seemed to find it funny’…

Visited: January 2020

The Gringos Hideout

…’I had a feeling that I was in Mexico or somewhere and Gringo’s were going to walk out with guns and start taking shots. It was that kind of atmosphere, quiet, dusty, a little breeze…., too quiet’…

Visited: January 2020

Hotel Atlante del Sol

…’…’My initial image of this hotel was some crazy bastards inside chasing me out, and @bingbabe driving away with me clutching the back bumper, feet dragging and kicking up dust’…