I first got interested in Urban Exploring while reading a book in Valletta, Malta. It was titled ‘Bizarre Malta’ and can be found on Amazon.


Inside various strange places were described, one of them being an abandoned nightclub in Madliena.


As we were heading north past this town, I decided to take a slight detour and search for it. It was not hard to find, and so leaving my family in the rental car, I jumped over a wall and found myself at the entrance.


I lasted all of 3 minutes before getting the willies and fleeing. It was all too quiet and dark. The seeds had been sown.


On my return to the UK, I sought out a local pottery company that had ceased to be. Holdings Country Pottery was more like a Time Capsule and from here I was hooked.


The Pottery place had proved tough to find, and I had to search and scour google maps. It was great training, and you need to do this to be able to find places.


These days I am a writer on the HIVE blockchain. I don’t publish my material on Facebook as I like to earn from it in the form of crypto-currency. HIVE is a blogging platform amongst other things, and so is a match made in heaven for me.


This website is a portal to all my Urban Explores that are published on HIVE. I am still an active explorer and love the freedom, exhilaration and unique photography one can gain from this unusual hobby.


I am not a fan of solo exploring. There are many things that can happen and having a buddy come along with you is always a good idea. I have done collaborations with several other explorers and hold a healthy amount of respect for all of them.

Solo exploring can also be extremely creepy. Bring a friend and your bravado increases by around 1000%.

Each of my explores will display an avatar of who attended that particular venue with me. Let me introduce them to you.


@dizzydiscovery was my collaborative partner during most of 2020. We met just before the first national lockdown in March 2020 and managed a handful of explores until Boris put a stop to that.

Regardless, we continued from around June 2020 when the restrictions were relaxed and shared around 90 explores throughout the summer.

These days he’s more focused on web development and put together this one you are reading for me. He’s still tempted to explore and will likely start again in the future.

Any explore yielding this logo, was visited in collaboration by @dizzydiscovery.


@bingbabe is my wife and relatively reluctant co-partner. I say this as she tolerates my strange hobby and has even been known to climb through broken windows.

Being an avid marathon runner keeps her in shape and being fit is always an asset in this hobby. Nevertheless she has never overcome the strange sensation of stillness one experiences in abandoned places and can get creeped out quite easily.

For that reason alone, she rarely accompanies me but can surprise me at times with her daring.

Any explore yielding this logo, was visited in collaboration by @bingbabe.


@mender1 is an avid photographer with a passing interest in Urban Exploration. He joined me in several early explores including the fabled Camelot.

Light Painting which has a passing connection to Urban Exploration is another particular interest he likes to take part in.

These days he is more content with regular photography and does not deal well with the rigours of climbing, which is more or less a pre-requisite if you want to see what I see.

Any explore yielding this logo, was visited in collaboration by @mender1.


@goblinknackers has a distinct advantage and that is living in the city of Bradford, the land of dereliction. As such, he always joins me for explores in his local area.

I had no idea he was interested in Urban Exploration until 2019 when he joined me in several around the Rochdale area. Together we managed to visit many venues throughout the summer of that year.

He has a particular passion for Time Capsules and boasts the most inventive avatar and name I have ever seen. Any explore yielding this logo, was visited in collaboration by @goblinknackers.


@lpff (Lost Places Forgotten Faces) is a dedicated and committed Urban Explorer who I met during June 2020 for a collaboration.

His content library is hosted on Facebook and Instagram and he boasts a massive following. @lpff likes to remain anonymous and is quite a controversial character in the Urban Exploration world.

I have found him friendly, extremely helpful and responsive in my frequent conversations. If he wants to wear a mask and be a ninja then that’s fine; I am no bigot. Any explore yielding this logo, was visited in collaboration by @lpff.


@anidiotexplores is my current Urban Exploration partner. He often feels that he is not taken seriously given his self-appointed name, but I have found him to be dedicated and knowledgeable about current UX affairs.

He is extremely approachable, talkative, extrovert and not at all like myself. Despite this we seem to gel well though I have to warn him NOT to sing in derps every now and again,lest nosey bastards hear the noise.


Any explore yielding this logo, was visited in collaboration by @anidiotexplores.


A Shortish Guide to Urban Exploring in the United Kingdom

…’in the event of a crazy bastard approaching you demanding you ‘get off their fucking land’, then use common sense, pick up your skirts and run’…