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WARNING: This Urban Exploration Website contains explicit imagery and flavoursome textual content at times. If you are easily offended by this, then it is probably best that you leave now.


8th September 2021
Added the following explores:
 – Pigeonshit Manor (Time Capsules & Residential)
 – The Slaughterhouse (Failed Businesses)
 – Burnt Farm (Time Capsules & Residential)

28th August 2021
Added the following explores:
 – Holland Gardening Centre (Failed Business)
 – Allen Brickworks (Industrial)

26th August 2021
Added the following explores:
  – The Bus Graveyard (Industrial)

25th August 2021
Added the following explores:
  – Return to Mystique (Leisure)
 – Calder Bank Mill (Industrial)
 – The Shetland Pony Building (Industrial)

24th August 2021
Added the following explores:
 – Newsome Mills (Industrial)
 – The Remains of Hoyle Ing Dyeworks (Industrial)

22nd August 2021
Added the following explores:
 – The Cursed Cottage (Time Capsules & Residential)
 – Fern Mills (Industrial)
 – Excelsior Works (Industrial)

21st August 2021
Added the following explores:
 – The Masons Arms (Pubs)
 – Bradley Nurseries (Failed Businesses & Government Buildings)
 – The Fire Station (Failed Businesses & Government Buildings)
 – DeathTrap Mill (Failed Businesses & Government Buildings)

19th August 2021
Added the following explores:
 – Storthes Wood Lodge (Time Capsules & Residential)
 – Creepier House (Time Capsules & Residential)
 – The Wasp Villa (Time Capsules & Residential)

17th August 2021
After a lengthy break I am back with more new content. More to be added on a daily basis.
Added the following explores:
 – The House in the Woods (Time Capsules & Residential)
 – The Artists House (Time Capsules & Residential)
 – Parkfield Mews (Time Capsules & Residential)



Never steal or take anything from a property.


It is bad enough that we are trespassing and treading a path on the edge of the law.



I leave a property in the same condition as when I arrived, always.


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Some of my favourite ‘Tales’ are detailed below. Click, Read and Enjoy!

Visited: August 2020

The House of Books

…’as much as I would have liked to walk around freely… I daren’t. There were massive holes in the walls which means internal rain and disguised holey floors’…

Visited: May 2020

The Secret Laboratory

…’it was a case of go for broke and after a little climbing in which I managed to rip my jeans and attain a few grazes, cuts, and blood to my leg we were inside’…

Visited: August 2020

Mossley Manor

…’tentatively making the jump and squinting for signs of shit on the floor I vaulted over and heard no squishing sounds.’…

Visited: April 2021


…’We made our way up to the bar and looked upon a familiar sight. If this would be your first explore, it would likely take your breath away’…

Visited: July 2020

The Coffin Maker’s House

…’from the moment I stepped inside The Coffin Maker’s House, I could see the instant appeal. There was stuff everywhere, a goldmine of history’…

Visited: January 2020

Hotel Atlante del Sol

…’My initial image of this hotel was some crazy bastards inside chasing me out, and @bingbabe driving away with me clutching the back bumper, feet dragging and kicking up dust’…

Visited: May 2020

Batley Hospital

…’we could see endless corridor after endless corridor once in, and I noticed some areas exuberated a certain coldness in the air. It was OK one minute and then cold the next’…

Visited: September 2020

The Hermit’s Hut

…’shivering I didn’t know where to look first. This was a time capsule of the first degree and being in the middle of nowhere had saved its arse’…